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Smart Homes

– Remotely manage appliances, ensure security of your home using IoT

– Smart Homes provide greater simplification and peace of mind.

Smart Cities

– Smarten utility services up with IoT, make your city smarter

– Turnkey solutions and implementation of AMI, Advanced AMR in electricity, gas, water, and heat.

Smart Grid

– Intelligent way of using energy

– Turnkey wireless (IoT) solutions of AMI, SAS, SCADA, NLDC integration

Renewable Energy

– Smart phone with wireless IoT solutions facilitates remote monitoring, controlling and analysis of Renewable Energy

– Net-Metering solutions for Smart Buildings and Industries

Telecare & Healthcare

Intelligent medical care solutions to ensure health safety especially of elderly or physically challenged persons

Intelligent Transport System

Smarten your transport/ traffic management system up with Internet of Things (IoT)

Industry 4.0 (IIoT)

– Coping with the challenges of Industrial IoT (Industry 4.0)

– Advanced manufacturing techniques is maximizing productivity, safety & quality and saves manufacturing time and cost.

Climate-Smart Agriculture

IoT-based mechanization and forecasting system, pest management, and climate-sensitive farming to enhance output

Environment Management

Protecting the environment for sustainable development.

Smart Supply Chain

Create a responsive and demand-driven supply Chain to lower cost and gain competitive advantage.

Smart Institution

– Tuning for smart control of Institution

– Our children are going to be the creation of the future

Remote Monitoring & Controlling

– IoT enabled system reliability and efficiency of the energy supply chain

– To streamline resources, expenditures, Time and labour and maximize reliability, efficiency, transparency, and oversight

Smart Communications

Transforming Communications into Smarter Conversations.

Smart Retail

Making business more efficient than your competitors with the help of IoT


Embedded Mobile

Works with IoT Automation & Apps


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