Advisory Services

Analysis of real estate | improved performance and sustainable results

There are many demands placed on property owners, tenants and public organizations. For example, there is a growing interest in minimizing the life cycle cost of buildings and industrial processes.

In addition, customers want to increase the use of renewable energy and improve their overall real estate strategies. At the same time, the authorities are setting ever higher environmental requirements .


We offer advisory services in the following main areas:

  • Technical advice(crucial support for design & construction services in projects)
  • Energy consulting(offered within all six service areas of IoT Automation & Apps)
  • Business consulting(mainly to promote new business by using Industrial IoT and for the Managed Services area)

Advice in the areas includes:

  • Risk management
  • Performance improvement
  • Business optimization
  • Sustainability with regard to environmental aspects, economic and social aspects

Our specially designed services help customers achieve their goals, examples:

  • Guaranteed energy efficiency 
  • Cost savings
  • Live up to legal and regulatory requirements

Based on IoT Automation & Apps’s technical expertise and comprehensive services, our experts can recommend sustainable conclusions that customers can use as a basis for decision-making in their operations. Through effective advice, good planning and sustainable life cycle solutions, we help our customers achieve their financial and environmental goals.

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