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Intelligent medical care solutions to ensure health safety especially of elderly, disabled, pregnant women and physically challenged persons


Smart Communication System

Communicate with elderly or physically challenged person at your smart homes and at Smart Hospital

Mobile apps enables you to call and speak directly through two-way voice communication speaker (without any call receive option) at your smart home. Elderly or physically challenged person can send emergency notifications and general notification by pressing only emergency and general at their portable device. In case of more emergency, the emergency notifications can be transferred to home care, Guardian, Nurse, Doctor, Hospitals and Ambulance automatically up to 10 phone number. It can also be used in Briddhasram and at Smart Hospital.

Movement Alarm System

You can monitor the elderly, physically challenged person and patients movement like when they are laying at bed, sitting at bed and out of the bed and also at washroom or out of the room.

We have wireless devices to know the status of the  movement at Bed, at Floor, Bed Fall detector, Door Open Close Detector to know the status of your near and dear one. 

Wireless Calling System for Smart Hospitals

Seamless and wireless communications between patients and nurses and with the management. Doctor can also call wirelessly to patients for regular checkup or emergencies. Disabled person can get the Smart hospital support by pressing a button at the entry of the hospital.

Benefits of using Wireless Calling System at Hospital:

  • Reduce your monthly phone bill (Mobile phone and Land line)
  • No operational cost i.e. (No monthly bill)
  • Cut your maintenance cost – no electrical wiring, technician is not required for the system.
  • Seamless / uninterrupted communication with the Nursing staffs
  • Great support for people with disabilities.
  • Decreases intercom/phone call, which ultimately reduces staff performance
  • Improves employee/staff performance
  • Monitor the response time of each staff
  • Monitor Patient’s movement
  • Software generated Daily, Weekly, Monthly report to monitor staff performance.

Hospital Wireless Nurse Call System

This is an efficient emergency wireless nurse call transmitting location information to both the wireless receiver fixed to a nurse station and the portable receiver carried by the nurse-in- charge at the same time as soon as a paging bell mounted on the wall of a patient room, toilet or bath room is pressed in case of emergency so that they can quickly respond to the situation.

Main Features:

– It makes possible to respond to the emergency situation quickly and correctly.

– As a wireless system, it is economic as it costs less in installation and maintenance.

– It is easily expandable and relocated to another place.

– It can be configured in various ways depending on the environment of the facilities and the behavior pattern of inpatients.

– Signals are transmitted to both a fixed monitor type receiver and a portable receiver at the same time.

– It just requires only simple operation to add new registration or change the system configuration without additional construction after initially installed.

– As multiple wireless transmission method is employed in this system, each receiver works independently, which means that, even one receiver is failed, the other one is still working properly.

Floor Mat, Bed Fall and Door Open type of Sensors

Floor Mat type of sensor
It transmits a danger signal to nurses and a guardian when a patient steps on the floor mat placed under the bed to prevent the patient from wandering and falling from the bed so that they can take care of the patient safely.

Sensor type detector monitoring a patient falling from the bed
It prevents secondary accidents from occurring in advance by transmitting signals wirelessly to the nurse station and the guardian (or a caregiver) when the movement of a patient is detected by the infrared sensor mounted on the top or at the side of the bed.

Door Open-Close Sensor                                                                   It transmits a signal to nurses and a guardian when a patient opens the door to prevent the patient from disappeared / missing so that they can take care of the patient safely.

Help bell for the disabled
It allows people such as the disabled, pregnant women, the elderly, etc. who are in need of help to ask for a help when visiting a hospital, public institution by pressing the help bell installed in the main entrance, which sends a paging signal to the receiving monitor installed in the information desk or security room.

PC-based monitoring program for hospital

It is a PC program to make it possible to manage and analyse information through search and statistic process by date, time and place it occurred after storing various kinds of paging information made by patients within the hospital as well as monitoring information in the emergency situation in the form of DB file in a PC.

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