Climate-Smart Agriculture

Our proprietary Energy IoT Platform forms the core of our Smart City solutions.

We connect our meters and our HES system to Energy IoT, which comes with a dazzling array of data handling tools. These include analytics, data streams, API data access, connected device management, OTA software updates, open communications support, and more.

All sensors and other devices are connected to the platform using one of the following protocols and data structures: REST, MQTT, HTTP Post, JSON, XML. Other protocols can easily be added. Iskraemecou2019s hardware is focused on energy meters, e-charging, and street light controllers, while our vast partner network takes the lead for other urban elements.

We also provide services to complement the Energy IoT platform: billing, energy portals, e-mobility, smart home, Smart lightning, customer portals, asset management, and smart grids applications. Our impressive network of partners provides other brilliant solutions, such as: waste management, smart parking, smart city control center, and more!

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