Project Management

High-quality project processes create success on site

All buildings and industrial projects are unique with their own challenges. Therefore, it is important to have control and management over the projects and planning as well as continuously optimize project management. This enables changes in quality, costs and schedules to be taken care of immediately.

All measures are documented and saved and are easily accessible. This applies throughout the value chain – including subcontractors, suppliers and logistics on site.

Qualified project management is a prerequisite for a project to succeed. This means that a number of concepts, knowledge, skills, tools and techniques are used to achieve the project’s goals and ensure that the project is successful.

Without effective project management, projects often encounter problems and are at greater risk of failure.

We are responsible for projects in several different segments.

IoT Automation & Apps has in-depth experience of handling complex projects of various sizes in several types of segments.


  • Housing project
  • Commercial projects
  • Infrastructure project
  • Industrial project
  • Education project
  • Care project

We can also be responsible for the activities that other subcontractors perform.

Advantages of having only one supplier

Implementing joint project management processes is beneficial in the long run. There are many benefits to having just one project management and project implementation provider:

  • Shorter implementation time for the projects, as the installations can overlap the planning phase
  • Flexibility to implement changes in design, quality, cost and schedule in a controlled manner
  • Lower total project costs and working hours due to improved work processes

Improved work processes are supported by:

  • Faster implementation through reuse of common processes and templates
  • Fewer project problems when using proactive project management processes
  • Better organizational decision-making thanks to more efficient project communication

Project management

Our project manager works in close collaboration with the customer. Carefully selected project teams lead the project towards the set goals for quality, time and economy. We can also be responsible for compliance with regulations and for contacts with authorities.

The Project Management service means that we coordinate and integrate different service areas into one solution. In large and more complex projects, where the installations are heavily integrated, we can serve as the customer’s only point of contact for all technical installations.

During the project, it is important to continuously review, forecast and optimize the phases of the project.

The basics of IoT Automation & Apps’s project management:

  • Planning and follow-up
  • Site management and monitoring
  • Requirements management
  • Coordination with other stakeholders (general contractors, consultants, designers and end users)
  • Procurement and management of the subcontractor
  • Material deliveries and logistics
  • Coordination of installation work between and within technical disciplines
  • Cost control and forecasting
  • Invoicing and collection
  • Control of incoming invoices and payments
  • Reporting
  • Quality management
  • Quality and working environment (KMA)
  • Handling of regulatory approval
  • Start-up, testing and commissioning
  • Project documentation
  • Project handover
  • Warranty period management

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