Managed Services

Optimized business for a smarter future, with Managed Services

It is of great importance for the budget if you adapt the operation of buildings and their resources based on the actual needs and the design of the properties. Is it a home, workplace, production facility, shop or warehouse?

The best results are always achieved when decisions in the early design stages take into account the property’s entire life cycle. When it comes to sustainability and active management, there are many benefits for you as a customer: 

  • The business becomes more predictable as it is based on large data volumes
  • Security and reliability increase as it is based on our knowledge and experience of digitized flows
  • Maintenance and process configuration work predictably and conditionally 
  • You get continuous cost and quality control with automation and remote control
  • You maintain the value of the property 

IoT Automation & Apps offers you:

  • In-depth experience of being a primary service provider
  • Deep technical competence
  • Sustainable solutions
  • A strong purchasing business, good real estate service and an extensive subcontractor network

When we take over responsibility for the services, we also manage the risks, for example

  • Costs
  • Business disruptions

Our Managed Services portfolio includes the following services: 

  • Managed Operation 
  • Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)  
  • Operational Performance Contracting (OPC)
  • Managed Life Cycle

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