• ID-Badge TtS: with 5 programmable buttons and Touch-to-Sign feature which enables user to reserve asset or report start/stop times of task simply by touching any Touch-to-Sign enabled IPCS device. • ID-Badge LWP: Lone Worker Protection Tag is a solution for a real-time location tracking of people. ID-Badge LWP is especially designed for lone workers providing multiple alarm options, like automatic man-down alarms. • Built on Bluetooth Low Energy. • Shipped with Lanyard. • Tracking interval 10 seconds. • Power supply: Shipped with USB charging cable. AC charger available as an option.


PRODUCT OPTIONS PRODUCT CODES – 9Solutions ID-Badge TtS (10 s) 9S-TAG-02-04, 9Solutions ID-Badge LWP (10 s) 9S-TAG-02-05


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